Moozak Festival Part 2 – The Year 2013

From Label to Festival

Continuing blog part 1, we know that the first Moozak Festival took place in 2010. It was followed by a second event in the fall of 2012.

Moozak 2013

2013 will see the Moozak Festival taking place for the 1st time in the middle of Vienna, in the FLUC. There will be lectures and workshops in addition to the traditional exhibition- and concert-program and installations.


Synth-freaks will be especially interested in the contributions made by (creator of the furthrrrr Generator and other eurorack modules) as well as by the Berlin distributor “Schneiders Büro”.

Videolink 1: Synthesizer-Karussell by Schneiders Büro


Videolink 2: Short film about “One Man Nation” by Vincent Moon


The program in a nutshell

Live Konzerte & AV-Performances:

Wednesday 18.9.

  • Robert Henke (aka Monolake) (DE)
  • Hautkörper – Elisabeth Schimana & Noid (AT)
  • bAgg*fisH – Michael Fischer & Marcos Baggiani (AT/NL)
  • Merzouga (AT/DE)
  • Andreas Krach (DE)

Thursday 19.9.

  • CoH + Tina Frank (RU/AT)
  • One Man Nation (SG)
  • Avery Tinnitus – cutting edges (CH)
  • Blueblut (AT) – Pamelia Kurstin, Chris Janka, Mark Holub (AT/US)
  • (AT/UA) featuring Andreas Zhukovsky, Moritz Scharf, David Wurth, Elias Handler


  • Christine Schörkhuber – Point of view (AT)
  • Jay-Dea Lopez – Decay (AU)
  • Jay-Dea Lopez – The Great Silence (AU)
  • Kevin Logan – Seamless (UK)
  • LauraFocarazzo – OtherMoons (AR)
  • LauraFocarazzo – SpecificGravity (AR)
  • Mirjam Baker (AT)
  • panGenerator – Peacock (PL)
  • RM Schwarz – piano, This Restrictive CIRCLE OF Pure Sounds (AT)
  • Robert Lisek – Quantum Random Generator (PL)
  • Sixtus Preiss – Soundball (AT)
  • Uli Kühn (AT)
  • Schneiders Büro (DE)


  • Andreas Krach (DE) – MI 18.9.
  • (AT/UA) – DO 19.9.
  • One Man Nation (SG) – DO 19.9.

Further information see:


The winners of tickets to the Moozak festival

And here the winners of our quiz. We asked for the name of the composer who dies in 1980, whose name appears twice on the CD “Moozak #002”. The answer (which you knew, of course): Max Brand.

The following have won 2 tickets each:

  • Reinhard Wiedner
  • Sophie Dvorak

Congratulations! Have fun at Moozak 2013!

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