Alesis Andromeda – polyphonic mega synth

The Alesis Andromeda A6, which has been around since 2000, is one of the best polyphonic analog synthesizers ever made. Questions of versatility, user friendliness and sound character may have divided the musician’s world into engaged enthusiasts and just as-much-engaged opponents. But the Andromeda has in the meantime become the workhorse, the “noble synth” (with high sound potential), in countless studios.


Here photos of the rare red version of the Andromeda, kindly put at our disposal by Perfect Circuit Audio.

You will also find sound files from our listening room. As to the inherent vitality of the Andromeda sound: it has been our experience that the instrument sounds at its best and most natural if the synth isn’t (re)tuned after being turned on. So, don’t fiddle with that tuning! A slightly out-of-tune Andromeda is capable of a liveliness reminiscent of the vintage analogs we know so well. It’s definitely worth a try!




















One thought on “Alesis Andromeda – polyphonic mega synth

  1. Thanks for this review and sounds (funny they have a Solaris taste on some of them even the Solaris are even better in my personal opinion).
    Although I think it has a different character than any synth on the market today, this is why I would like to find one in great shape one day to add this flavor in my set up

    Why there is no more real poly analogue synth except dsi prophets (in a synth form with keys) ?