Two Rare Moog Synths On eBay


If you’re one of the lucky ones who have just won the lottery or have inhereted a pile of money, this might be of interest to you. There are two extemely rare Moog synths on eBay at the moment.

This first is one of the legendary Moog Voyagers in the GOLD edition, being sold by someone in Poland. The synth appeared for the 10th birthday of the Voyager series in the limited edition of 31 (with a gold label and with the first owner’s name engraved).


Calling price is 13,150.- Euros. Not exactly a bargain, but think of all that 24 carat gold and that illuminated Moog signature on the back side.

Buying such a musical instrument may appear to be degenerated, but there are always collectors looking for the little extra something (even if the Voyager GOLD probably sounds like any other Voyager).



Ah yes … and while preparing this article, we discovered another Voyager GOLD for sale in Australia …


Then again, there is a rare Moog modular module being sold by someone in England. According to the seller, the DRUM SYNTHESIZER Module was built less than 10 times. It’s yours for a modest 18,000.- GBP (starting price). Good luck …


The Drum Synth was built in 1970 for Eric Siday, to whom we will be dedicating an article soon.


Finally here’s a link to a Moog 701 Drum Synthesizer Video, to give you an idea what the instrument sounds like … even though the “drums” don’t have much to do with the overall effect you hear …

The video (together with other moog synth soundfiles) can also be heard under

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