Trax RetroWave R-1 – British analog synth with MIDI/CV

The Trax RetroWave R-1 desktop monosynth was designed for musicians who want the warmth and power of classic analog synthesizer sound, created by a real analog instrument. Handmade, of course.


Create electronic music from scratch. The RetroWave pots are huge, a joy to use. And, of course, there are no menue screens or hidden functions …

The synthesizer offers:

  • 1 Logarithmic Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
  • 1 24dB/octave, 4-pole Lowpass Filter
  • 2 Triangle and Square Wave Low Frequency Oscillators
  • Sample & Hold
  • Noise
  • 1 Envelope (with auto-repeat by LFO 1)
  • 1 Voltage Controlled Amplifier with Overdrive Function
  • a built-in MIDI to CV Unit


The instrument’s list of connections is impressive, too:

“The rear panel has INPUTS for 24V dc power supply, MIDI (via 5-pin DIN socket), Gate, VCO CV (control voltage), VCO PWM (pulse width modulation), VCF CV, VCA CV and External Audio (all 1/4″ jack sockets).

OUTPUTS are also provided for CV, Gate +5V, Velocity and Audio.”

(Source: TraxControls)


For further information see:

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