History, features and sound of the (imp)OSCar

Ahhhh … the Oscar! A classic in its own right. This video by GForce explains the OSCar’s history and the smart ideas that have gone into this synth. Listen to the wide range of sounds the OSCar is capable off. The instrument’s filter section is clearly demonstrated (pictures, words & sound)! Get on to creating your additive waves with the impOSCar’s Programmable Additive Wave Matrix Grid.

By the way, this video focuses on the (original) OSCar, but with a minimum of advert for the impOSCar and impOSCar 2 at the very end.

For more info about the impOSCar 2 see:

We decided to add some additional OSCar pictures …





… and OSCar sounds (might be useful for comparing with the software synth):

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