Vermona fourMulator – quad LFO with extras

The fourMulator contains four independent digital LFOs. Their frequency ranges from 0,05 Hz (1 cycle per 20 seconds!) up to 100 Hz. Each LFO offers various waveforms (including random > sample & hold) and waveform- and trigger-outputs … the latter sending an impulse with every new start of the selected waveform.


This module seems to be a spin-off of the upgraded Perfourmer synthesizer. (See our Perfourmer MKII review for more details and for musical aspects regarding the quad-LFO).

The 4 LFOs can be synchronized with each other or to any master clock, and they can be phase-shifted by up to 180°. Stunning rhythmical modulation processes are possible thanks to those weird sync-, clock- and phaseshifting options.

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