GRP A4 2013 – ultimate recommendation

This is ultimate recommendation for the GRP A4. Musically speaking, the instrument doesn’t need a recommendation. Although our recommendations up to this point have definitely had some shortcomings.


It’s classified as a “wild analog”, as you can read in our GRP A4 test report. But its gentle smoothness has still to be mentioned. To emphasize this, we have added 4 new sound samples.

GRP are building a second series of 50 A4. If you’re so inclined, make your reservations under


Here is an explanation of the following sound samples:

  • Sample 1. Two GRP A4 and the GRP A8. A4 stereo filter sequence plus strong A4 / A8 solo sound (9 VCOs (:o). Dynamic control via MIDI / masterkeyboard. No filter knob has been touched … it’s all velocity controlled.
  • Sample 2. Creamy A4 lead sound and massive A8 bass voice.
  • Sample 3. Mix soundfile: GRP A4 noise/ringmod sequence + massive GRP A8 bass sound + John Bowen Solaris stereo wavetable pad + Technosaurus Selector stereo filter-FM sequence + second GRP A4 with a very powerful leadvoice.
  • Sample 4. Mix soundfile: GRP A4 ringmod sequence + Technosaurus Selector stereo filter-FM sequence + Roland RS-202 strings / vocals + second GRP A4 with a strong solo-leadvoice (warm brass sound). Enjoy!


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