Bass Bot TT-303 – the new Roland TB-303?

Well, it did take a while! There are already thousands of TB-303 clones on the market, but it took until 2013 to see an exact replica of the original. Roland’s micro-processor-controlled bass synth/sequencer is back! (Or so we hope …). The TB-303 – prime example for hyper-inflation in the analog synth world – is a collector’s and musician’s instrument and it’s seriously loved by thousands of users.


The French manufacturer Cyclone Analogic now presents the TT-303, which comes with the features and the look of the original, but with an additional arpeggiator and with MIDI. At 659 Euros (shipping included) this instrument is worth considering. It looks superb, so learning more about it would seem like a good idea.


The Bass Bot TT-303 features:

  • A monophonic selectable (saw, square) VCO with 24dB 4-pole analog filter.
  • User or Bot generated programmable patterns with InstaDJ™ sequencer.
  • MIDI IN by default / MIDI IN and OUT (with provided splitter cable).
  • 13 color LED display with user definable console and individual pattern labeling.
  • Auto tune and VCO calibration on demand.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Generate new patterns using one of seven unique personality algorithms.
  • Mutate patterns to create infinitely complex pattern structure and variation.
  • Live pitch transpose (+/-1/2 step pitch), live accent (velocity) & live slide (portamento).
  • Pattern rotation (left or right) one step in time.
  • Complex file manipulation of pattern banks using copy & paste
  • Mergeup to 8 patterns tone pattern (maximum 64 steps).
  • Portable with battery or ac power options at only 730 gr (1.6lbs).


The following Youtube video demonstrates how the TT-303 sounds. TB-303 owners and other experts will be able to judge how and whether this instrument is different from the original. But keep this in mind: The sound components themselves (the VCO and the VCF …) are not responsible for the famous 303-character! The appropriate sequencer and dozens of programming subtleties make up that inimitable groove. That’s why an exact replica of the original TB seems really noteworthy …

Cyclone Analogic is also preparing the TT-606. The perfect drums to the funky 303 bass? We’re curious about that … We’ll let you know.

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