Flightcased A4 + video/music by Stefan Trippler

Paolo Groppioni actually built this latest GRP A4 of the first series for himself – and put it in a flightcase! That looks really good, even if the traditional wooden case remains classically beautiful. Those of you who have to take the A4 somewhere else or who have constant changes in their studio setup will find this flightcase variation an interesting alternative.

Paolo Groppioni will build a second – and last – A4 series in the coming summer and fall. Inquire directly at (Rome) or – in central Europe – at (Munich).

Stefan Trippler – author, musician and sound programmer in his own right – has made a video with the GRP A4. It’s worth viewing:

Along with the “Vesuviopure” he introduces here, Stefan has also made a second demo using the A4 – “Bunga”, attached as MP3 to this Blog. Have fun listening, and … Merry Christmas to ALL!

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