EEF Modular – a professional project synthesizer



The EEF Modular is a very rare analog synthesizer. Built in the early 80’s in Antwerpen/Belgium, it was supposed to serve for education and demonstration purposes. Eric E. Feremans (EEF) and others built this one-off. It features 3 VCOs, 2 multimode filters, 3 VCAs, 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, 2 ring modulators, noise, multiples and a great 2×8 / 1×16 step analog sequencer. And it does not only look good, it sounds wonderful, too. 12 minutes of EEF Modular sound samples are waiting for you below. Enjoy listening …






A detailed EEF Modular review will follow. Now, enjoy the soundfiles …

One thought on “EEF Modular – a professional project synthesizer

  1. Great synth!
    But take care of your speakers folks – there is some SUBsonic mixed — so watch your speakers!