MFB Dominion X – Programmable Analog Synthesizer

Minimoog in your pocket? The new DOMINION X is a 3 VCO synthesizer with “maximum functionality”, as the manufacturer says. The instrument offers 3 VCOs. Each waveform can be varied in symmetry! Ring modulation, cross modulation, osc sync, noise – it’s all there. The filter is a luxurious multi-mode VCF with 6 types, filter FM is possible by LFO / VCO / velocity and external CV. There are 2 LFOs with 6 waveforms each, 2 envelopes, 128 memories and there’s a 3rd LFO for vibrato purposes, MIDI (!) and CV / Gate. A selector switch allows assignment of velocity for up to eleven modulation destinations.

Dominion X - © MFB

Dominion X – © MFB

This should be a strong competitor to the Doepfer Dark Energy. The new look of MFB seems influenced by the dark energy, too …

Find out more at the manufacturer’s website.

This is the Link to our Dominion X review.

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