The Prophet VS – Video-Demo by Marko Ettlich

The demo track shows the enormous acoustic range of the Sequential Circuit Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer of 1986. Everything is there, from the digital sounds typical of PPG to warm analogue expanses that you would rather expect from a Prophet-5.

The VS served as a model for the Korg Wavestation, however the two instruments are acoustically very different from each other. The VS takes a fundamentally more raw and brutal tone, whilst the Wavestation generally moves on a more gentle terrain.

Today, the VS is very sought-after, precisely because its sound is very self-contained and is still fresh. A true classic and milestone of synthesizer history.

YouTube channel: Retro Sound – Marko Ettlich


The Trinity – Video-Demo by Ares Kalogeropoulos

One of the most successful workstation/synthesizers in the last 3 decades. A beautiful sounding and State of the Art music machine, that gives you everything you need to expand your music productivity.

Here is a music-video demonstrating what this instrument can do in a studio production – using only the Trinity and some external soft effects (reverb, delay).