Upgraded White Beast: The New MODOR NF-1

The MODOR NF-1 is still an insider tip. And it’s a rarity. After all, it’s an European synthesizer “Made in Belgium”. Although its sound is powerful, inspiring and versatile, NF-1 had a difficult start. Users quickly critizied the slightly mediocre hardware (wobbly knobs). And the noisy audio signal. Anyway, MODOR now modified the NF-1 with a respectable hardware upgrade …


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SynthFest France: 30.3. – 1.4. 2018

Maybe you happen to be in France end of March? Then you might call yourself a lucky guy who can participate the SynthFest France. We’d wish to be there! SynthFest France takes place in Nantes, a small, yet beautiful town located at the Atlantic coast. Many exhibitors, company representatives, synthesizer specialists and music lovers are expected.

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NAMM 2018: Sonicstate Awards

To be honest: we’re a littlebit proud. Quite a few German companies were honored with the Sonicstate NAMM Award 2018. Companies such as Doepfer, Radikal Technologies or Waldorf. A glorious end of a glorious mega-event!

“[…] another NAMM is over, this one was the biggest one we’ve been to, the sheer physical size of it with the addition of two extra halls keeping the team on their toes – quite literally.” (

Dieter Doepfer received his award for the new A-100 Polyphonic Modules:

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Waldorf STVC – The Multi-Keyboard Renaissance?

Is this a Vocoder? Or a String Machine? Or a Synthesizer? The Waldorf STVC is all in one: It’s the rebirth of the antique multi-keyboard – a type of performance-synthesizer that was highly popular in the late 70s / early 80s. Roland VP-330 (strings / vocoder) or Crumar Multiman (brass / strings / solo instruments) – just to name two of those classic multi-purpose-machines.

Waldorf has already touched the ground with Streichfett – a genious string-sound/solo-voice synthesizer module. Its dual sound engine features a fully polyphonic strings section and an eight voice solo section. And now, there is STVC – the STring-VoCoder Keyboard.


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Korg Prologue-16 / Prologue-8: A new analog era?

A new analog era? Well, maybe! “These instruments are capable of sounds that go beyond existing analog synthesizers” … Korg’s own words. They sound promising.

The Prologue-16 and Prologue-8 look extremely interesting. And highly professional. Back are the good old wheels (pitchbend / mod wheel) we’re all used to, back is the internal PSU (thanks, Korg!), back are standard-sized keys (thanks as well …!).


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