Book Recommendation:
PUSH TURN MOVE (by Kim Bjørn)

PUSH TURN MOVE – one of the best and most comprehensive synthesizer books ever. And one of the most unusual ones. Strictly speaking, PUSH TURN MOVE is not just about synthesizers, but about all kinds of sound machines and controllers for electronic music. And strictly speaking, it is not so much about the musical strengths of the instruments, but about their FUNCTIONALITY and DESIGN.


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Book Recommendation: The Prophet from Silicon Valley

The story of Sequential Circuits, the leading synthesizer manufacturer of the 1980s. One of the great American synthesizer companies, founded and led by San Francisco electronics and computer graduate, Dave Smith, Sequential Circuits Inc. paved the way for music of the future. Smith brought easy, affordable and powerful polyphonic synthesis to all levels of music production in the form of the ground-breaking Prophet-5 synthesizer.


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Book Recommendation: KEYFAX Omnibus Edition

Admittedly, there aren’t many encyclopedias around that are dedicated to synthesizers. One of those few is Julian Colbeck’s KEYFAX. To be exact, we’re talking about a series of books that started in 1986 with “Keyfax 1″. The “Omnibus Edition” introduced here is a compilation of synthesizer history between its beginnings at the end of the 60s and publication in 1997.


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Mark Vail – THE SYNTHESIZER (2014)

In “The Synthesizer”, veteran music technology Journalist Mark Vail tells the complete story of the synthesizer: the origins of the many forms the instrument takes; crucial advancements in sound generation, musical control, and composition made with instruments that may have become best sellers or gone entirely unnoticed; and the basics and intricacies of acoustics and synthesized sound.


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Book Recommendation: Keyboard Presents Synth Gods

Ernie Rideout, former editor in chief of Keyboard magazine, got to spend a lot of quality time with many of the greatest synth players, synth designers, and synthesizers of all time. He collected 20 interviews from the Keyboard archives, all summarized in this book.

Keyboard Presents Synth Gods spotlights leading visionaries who changed the course of music history and who have one sure thing in common: they’d hardly ever use a preset sound (as Ernie Rideout notes).

Keyboard Presents Synth Gods
2011, New Bay Media LLC
190 pages
12 USD,-

Order at: – Synth Gods
or at your local book store via ISBN: 978-0-87930-999-2


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Book recommendation: Mark Vail – Vintage Synthesizers


One of the best synthesizer books ever. Mark Vails “Vintage Synthesizers” was first published in 1993, with a reprint following in 2000. This reprint (which can still be found on Amazon) is the subject of this blog. To be exact, we’re talking about a collection of articles by various authors – along with Mark Vail there’s Bob Moog, Ted Greenwald, Jeff Burger and others. Continue reading


Electronic Sound – new UK-based magazine

Electronic Sound is a new digital music publication covering the global electronic music scene. The magazine features the very best electronic artists, past and present. Issue 1 features legendary electronic artists including Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk), Depeche Mode, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD), Gary Numan and Dave Clarke, alongside newer acts such as James Blake, Ghost Capsules, Marsheaux and Mesh, who have just topped the German alternative music charts.


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German language Synthesizer-Magazin

SYNmag - Synthesizer-Magazin

SYNmag – Synthesizer-Magazin

Internet became the main source of information during the last 15 years. However, books and magazines are fortunately still of interest for many of us.

Although the Synthesizer-Magazin is in German, we recommend it to those of you, who speak German as well. It is definitely worth it.

Check their SYNmag website and a list of all available issues since their start in 2006. You can find every single issue here.

SYNmag Schwerpunktausgabe

SYNmag Schwerpunktausgabe “Analoge Synthesizer”


Book recommendation: I believe in Music – Ikutaro Kakehashi

Published in 2002 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Roland Corporation, this is the inspiring and heartfelt memoir of Ikutaro Kakehashi, a pioneering figure in electronic music instruments and the company’s visionary founder..

From war-torn Japan to his first watch repair business to the dawn of and subsequent enormous leaps of electronic musical instruments, Kakehashi’s story is sometimes wry, sometimes touching, always wise. Through it all, Kakehashi has believed in music above else: his first priority has always been an unwavering passion for expanding the potential for artistic expression.

Ikutaro Kakehashi – I believe in Music

Hardcover, 306 pages
ISBN-10: 0634037838
ISBN-13: 978-0634037832