Mark Vail – THE SYNTHESIZER (2014)

In “The Synthesizer”, veteran music technology Journalist Mark Vail tells the complete story of the synthesizer: the origins of the many forms the instrument takes; crucial advancements in sound generation, musical control, and composition made with instruments that may have become best sellers or gone entirely unnoticed; and the basics and intricacies of acoustics and synthesized sound.


Vail also describes how to successfully select, program, and play a synthesizer; what alternative controllers exist for creating electronic music; and how to stay focused and productive when faced with a room full of instruments.



Some of the photos are likely to be already known from “Vintage Synthesizers”, but most of the pictures are new, of course. Overall, “The Synthesizer” is an extremely useful, versatile and above all up-to-date book. Arturia’s Mini-Brute is here represented, as well as John Bowen’s Solaris and many other wonderful instruments.


This book is a must have!


Mark Vail
“The Synthesizer”

Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-539481-8


Hardback: 70 GBP
Paperback: 25 GBP



Oxford University Press – “The Synthesizer” (Hardback)
Oxford University Press – “The Synthesizer” (Paperback) – “The Synthesizer” (Paperback)

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