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“Es genügt, einen Ton schön zu spielen” sagte der Komponist Arvo Pärt im Jahre 2005. Diese Aussage ist ebenso einfach und - wie ich finde - exzellent: Es braucht kein Meer an Tönen, denn entscheidend ist der Klang. Dass so mancher Vintage-Synthesizer der 70er und 80er Jahre teils unerreicht hochwertige Klänge liefert, steht außer Frage. Doch tatsächlich leben wir “heute” in einer nahezu perfekten Zeit. Einerseits hat man – mehr oder weniger – noch Zugriff auf die Vintage Analogen, andererseits wird auch bei Neugeräten die wichtige Komponente des hochwertigen Klanges wieder zunehmend berücksichtigt. Doepfer, Cwejman, Synthesizers.com, MacBeth, Moog, GRP, Studio Electronics, COTK, John Bowen und andere Hersteller bauen hervorragende Synthesizer, die den “Klassikern” in nichts nachstehen. All diesen (alten wie neuen) “großartigen” Instrumenten ist Great Synthesizers gewidmet. _________________________________________________________ In 2005 composer Arvo Pärt said: “Playing one tone really well is enough”. In other words, it is sufficient to play one tone 'beautifully'. I agree with that. All musical efforts are focused on the sound itself. Although I studied classical music (piano and drums), it’s the electronic sound that inspires me. Synthesizers are the epitome of new sounds and exciting tonal spheres. Today, many companies produce high-quality - excellent! - synthesizers: Doepfer, Cwejman, MacBeth, Moog, GRP, Synthesizers.com, COTK, Studio Electronics, John Bowen and others. It's their products I'm really interested in ... apart from Vintage Synthesizers, which I have been collecting for 20 years. Subsequent to our former websites Bluesynths and Blogasys, Peter Mahr and I have now created GreatSynthesizers. We hope you like it.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
– Milestone and Musical Legend

The Prophet-5 is – along with the Minimoog – possibly the most timeless of the great analog synths. An icon, so to speak.

It laid the foundation for all those programmable polyphonic synths, as it defined the sound of the late 70s and early 80s in a way no other instrument had done. Profitting from a remarkable cooperation of American electronic music pioneers, the Prophet-5 has maintained its legendary aura up to the present day. And now the Prophet-6 follows as a worthy heir in its footsteps.


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Arturia MatrixBrute – a programmable MODULAR?

Here it is – the NEW Brute synthesizer. Matrix by name, matrix by nature. That namesake modulation matrix is at the heart of MatrixBrute, making the most of each ‘module’ through a matrix that offers thousands of potential modulation routings. Assign any of 16 modulation sources to any of 16 modulation destinations (in MOD mode) and set the amounts of each modulation routing using the dedicated data encoder.

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New Waldorf kb37 Controller Keyboard

The Waldorf kb37 CONTROLLER KEYBOARD can house up to 100 HP of Eurorack modules in its conveniently-angled panel sitting atop a 37-note, full-sized keyboard.  It features a high-quality key-bed that transmits velocity and aftertouch. As such, the kb37 CONTROLLER KEYBOARD provides extremely flexible control for any mounted modules, thanks to its high-resolution, temperature-stable 16-bit CV (Control Voltage) interface and MIDI.

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Hypersynth Xenophone
– a special analog desktop synth

The Hypersynth Xenophonethe most intriguing analog electric guitar synth sound ever. Check out Demo 1” attached to this review. One of the best Xenophone presets is that screaming analog sound behind those arpeggio lines.

Sure, the synthesizer is good for more than distorted sounds and arpeggios, but sometimes one special sound is the door-opener to the instrument. A sound that artists and synth tweakers have been waiting for!


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Synthgraphics.com – new panel surface for the Roland JD-XA

The Roland JD-XA is a wonderful sounding instrument, but it comes with a couple of surprises. One is the plastic surface. It reflects extremely strongly and maintains its shiny newness for – at the most – one hour. The plastic attracts dust as soon as it sees the light of day.

Synthgraphics.com now offers a new panel overlay to get rid of that JD-XA hardware problem …

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Dieter Doepfer introduces new A-100 modules

The pre-holiday season always sees Dieter Doepfer holding a workshop in his favourite home city. So too in December 2015. The event was very well attended and the listeners were all ears. Doepfer’s presentation of the A-100 system was a symbiosis of the old and the new, proofing again that new explanations of the well-known modules also have their benefits.


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Synthesizers – what else?

No praises, no notes, no descriptions, no scores. Simply pictures, that’s it. Impressions of modern and vintage synthesizers. From the Schmidt synthesizer back to Moog System 55, from Korg / ARP Odyssey back to the Polymoog. Synthesizers – what else? (Ah, yes, not every” picture shows a synth. But well …).


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