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“Es genügt, einen Ton schön zu spielen” sagte der Komponist Arvo Pärt im Jahre 2005. Diese Aussage ist ebenso einfach und - wie ich finde - exzellent: Es braucht kein Meer an Tönen, denn entscheidend ist der Klang. Dass so mancher Vintage-Synthesizer der 70er und 80er Jahre teils unerreicht hochwertige Klänge liefert, steht außer Frage. Doch tatsächlich leben wir “heute” in einer nahezu perfekten Zeit. Einerseits hat man – mehr oder weniger – noch Zugriff auf die Vintage Analogen, andererseits wird auch bei Neugeräten die wichtige Komponente des hochwertigen Klanges wieder zunehmend berücksichtigt. Doepfer, Cwejman, Synthesizers.com, MacBeth, Moog, GRP, Studio Electronics, COTK, John Bowen und andere Hersteller bauen hervorragende Synthesizer, die den “Klassikern” in nichts nachstehen. All diesen (alten wie neuen) “großartigen” Instrumenten ist Great Synthesizers gewidmet. _________________________________________________________ In 2005 composer Arvo Pärt said: “Playing one tone really well is enough”. In other words, it is sufficient to play one tone 'beautifully'. I agree with that. All musical efforts are focused on the sound itself. Although I studied classical music (piano and drums), it’s the electronic sound that inspires me. Synthesizers are the epitome of new sounds and exciting tonal spheres. Today, many companies produce high-quality - excellent! - synthesizers: Doepfer, Cwejman, MacBeth, Moog, GRP, Synthesizers.com, COTK, Studio Electronics, John Bowen and others. It's their products I'm really interested in ... apart from Vintage Synthesizers, which I have been collecting for 20 years. Subsequent to our former websites Bluesynths and Blogasys, Peter Mahr and I have now created GreatSynthesizers. We hope you like it.

New EMS synthesizer interfaces by Digitana Electronics

Isn’t it great when classical synths have been upgraded with lovingly handcrafted interfaces? Steven Thomas – the guy behind the little company Digitana Electronics – has gone to great lengths to extend the possibilities of the legedary EMS synthesizers with new interfaces that can be connected directly to MIDI, CV/Gate or to the greater modular world (Matrix interface).


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MFB Dominion 1
- a DELUXE analog synth

To tell the truth, I’ve stolen the expression DELUXE from someone else. I stumbled over the idea that the MFB Dominion 1 synthesizer should actually be called “Dominion Deluxe” while reading a short description on the Schneiders Büro website. And Andreas Schneider kindly gave me permission to spread this idea among our faithful readers. So the new MFB offspring will now be called DELUXE – a noble attribute it well deserves.


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Vintage Keyboards & Used Gear

Various instruments and accessories for sale. Analog, digital, hybrid synthesizers, drum machines, effects pedals, keyboards, etc. Some rarities, too, some true collectors items. All prices in Euros, excl. shipping costs. For reservations, or in case there are any questions: contact info is below …

Company Instrument Description Accessories


Access Virus KB One of the most beautiful virtual-analog synthesizers Power cord
Alesis Andromeda Very good condition Case + manual + power cord


Casio CZ-1 Phase-Distortion synthesizer with Velocity RA3 cartridge + power cord


Casio VZ-1 Phase-Distortion Synthesizer with frequency modulation, display is very dark (sadly) Various cartridges + power cord


EDP Wasp Deluxe Very good condition, rare (only approx. 100 built) PSU


EML 101 Rare 3-VCO semi-modular synthesizer à la ARP-2600, runs on 220 Volt, good condition


GEM / Generalmusic S2 Turbo Delicious digital synth, real-time controllers, excellent display Case + sound discs + power cord

Kawai K3 – everything under control

After presenting the new Stereoping hardware controllers we take a closer look at the K3 programmer and its operation. First, the Kawai K3 must be set to “SysEx Receiving” mode > master menu parameter 44 / value 5 (with the Korg DW-8000 this would be parameter 82 / value 2). Well, that’s it! Now the K3 reacts to every knob you tweak …


Connect an external sequencer / computer to the programmer’s MIDI IN port for additional tweaking support. Data is merged and sent directly to the K3.

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New Stereoping synthesizer-controller

Stereoping released 6 new synthesizer hardware-controller. Great tools for uncomplicating, direct access to your instruments. The controllers are available as DIY kits at a price of 238 Euros (+ shipping) per kit. You need to contribute your own power supply, but this shouldn’t be a problem. The hardware is great, the knobs feel masculine. Connection to the synth is done – as usual – via MIDI.


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modulus.002 – new British hybrid polysynthesizer

This synthesizer looks beautiful! It’s a new hybrid polysynth “made in Britain”, a modern-day musical instrument with a sizeable number of notable new features — notably replicating content to a cloud-based platform for file sharing. “modulus.002 is the first serious pro synthesiser for a long, long time” is what people say. “It represents a no-compromise approach to modern-day synthesis” …

At a price of £2995 (3795 Euros) the modulus.002 costs approx. the same as the ultra-desirable John Bowen Solaris. At first glance, the modulus.002 appears to be a mixture of Solaris, Alesis Andromeda and Radikal Technologies Accelerator. But, of course, it’s an instrument of its own!


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Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 – the DIY synth kit

The Werkstatt-Ø1: Moogfest 2014 Kit is a patchable and compact, one oscillator analog synthesizer. It was originally created as a kit, to be the foundation for exclusive “Engineering VIP” workshops at Moogfest 2014.

The Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 features:

  • A build-it-yourself Moog synthesizer!
  • Easy for anyone to build thanks to its snap-together design (no soldering required)
  • Packs the legendary 4-pole ladder filter for the classic Moog sound
  • Wide-ranging oscillator pitch, from 8Hz to 16kHz
  • Flexible filter effects with modulation via envelope or LFO
  • Oscillator can follow the envelope or can be set to drone
  • Ready to play with a built-in 13-note button keyboard
  • A flexible patchbay with CV in- and outputs


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Vintage synth prices – sky-rocketing?

Where are those vintage synth prices headed for? No one can have missed the fact that the general price level has been on the rise since the late 90s. Still, developments of the past few months are in a league of their own. We’re talking about a vintage synth bubble. Not only in Europe, but also in the USA. There’s no nicer way to put it.


Auction: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Elka-Synthex-with-MIDI-beautifully-restored

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SoundForce is announcing the SFC-60 controller

The SFC-60 is a boutique MIDI controller designed to control the TAL-U-NO-LX synth instrument plugin. Finally the sound and the touch of the popular Roland Juno-60 synthesizer are made available right into your DAW offering the advantages of both digital workflow and analog sound. The controller is planned for release in September 2014. The estimated price is 550 euros but this is subject to change according to the amount of pre-orders.

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